Next Monday's Hangover: De Nachtdivisie, Seth Troxler & Pixel, Pleinvrees Heroes & Trouw op Zondag Voor Dimitri

Next Monday’s Hangover: De Nachtdivisie, Seth Troxler & Pixel, Pleinvrees Heroes & Trouw op Zondag Voor Dimitri

May 2, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow down your options by suggesting some events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. Here’s where you weekend warriors should go to for next Monday’s hangover.

Friday: De Nachtdivisie with Waze & Odyssey @ Chicago Social Club

Now that spring is officially amongst us, we take off our long-sleeves and head towards the Chicago Social Club on Friday. Who ever really needed time to recover after Queen’s Day? As always at De Nachtdivisie, expect a handful of attractive residents such as Tijn Benedek & Hellie Berry, Lumiere, l’Atelier and the headlining boys of Waze & Odyssey who are currently hitting the charts with their releases on Crosstown Rebels, Petfood, Get Physical and their own W & O tracks. Bar is supported by Tackle Box, Lucas Wouters, Digital Fashion and Berry Juice.

Saturday: Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson & Pixel @ Trouw

According to the man’s biography “Seth Troxler was, in fact, a gift to Detroit techno from intergalactic house demigods from the future. Rumours that Seth Troxler is actually an alien are untrue; in the early first century these demigods kidnapped the virile first-born child of a Roman centurion and his Egyptian trophy wife.” Besides that, he was number 3 on RA’s top-100 DJs of 2012 and one of the founders of the almighty Visionquest, alongside fellow astral refugee Ryan Crosson.

More importantly though, this evening is very special: it is the return of Pixel in de Verdieping. A concept that dates back to the Club11 era up until its last edition featuring James Holden in February of 2010. For the occasion, Pixel invited none other than Midland, one of 2013’s most promising DJ/producers. See you downstairs, in front of the DJ booth, supporting Pixel’s welcome back party. High five.

Sunday: Pleinvrees Heroes @ Toren Overhoeks

On Sunday, Pleinvrees celebrates Liberation Day with all of their past, present and future heroes for their 3rd anniversary. For this special occasion, they will not only be celebrating their 3rd birthday, but also inaugurating the new tower in North Amsterdam called Toren Overhoeks. Expect two areas (one outside and one indoor) right beside the IJ, supported by all of them Pleinvrees protagonists like Joris Delacroix, Alle Farben, PillowTalk LIVE, Monkey Safari, Andhim, Isaac Stern, Peer Kusiv LIVE, Arjuna Schiks, Olivier Weiter, Bakermat LIVE+SAX, Miss Melera, Some Chemistry, Illesnoise, Prosper Rek and Boss & Harris.

Sunday: Trouw op Zondag Voor Dimitri @ Trouw

If you’re ‘in the scene’, you must have heard the news recently. One of Amsterdam most legendary DJs Dimitri had to deal with a serious injury. A violent bacterial infection ultimately lead to amputation of his leg, and he now has to deal with a heavy rehabilitation period. Financially, Dimitri is a victim of this because he cannot DJ anymore. Therefore, Trouw decided to organize a charity party for him this Sunday. All DJs, staff and other stakeholders will contribute in a way for all the proceeds to go to Dimitri!

Artists involved:
Joost van Bellen (Rauw, Amsterdam)
Steve Rachmad (Get Physical, Amsterdam)
Tom Trago (Voyage Direct, Amsterdam)
San Proper (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)
Melon (Ratio?, Amsterdam)
Makam (Sushitech, Amsterdam)
Boris Werner (Late Night Society, Amsterdam)
William Kouam Djoko (Late Night Society, Amsterdam)
Serge (Clone, Rotterdam)
Patrice Bäumel (Black Magic, Amsterdam)
Olaf Boswijk (Trouw, Amsterdam)
Awanto3 (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)
Aron Friedman & Eric de Man (Musclefarm, Amsterdam)
Jean Pierre Enfant (LET, Amsterdam)
Carlos Valdes & Sandrien (Soulrock, Imprint, Amsterdam)
Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff

Support this local legend!

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