Handpicked second-hand fashion at TOPSHIT

Handpicked second-hand fashion at TOPSHIT

May 2, 2013 |  by  |  Fashion, Spots
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Every now and then I stumble upon a new hotspot at the most unexpected of places. Situated close to Central Station at the touristy Geldersekade, TOPSHIT is exactly such a spot. In a large building temporarily turned into creative hub, owners Fransje Christiaans and Jurjen Johans sell a fine selection of handpicked second-hand and vintage items. This selectivity is what sets the store apart and makes it feel like a stylist’s closet rather than a shop.

Crisp Lines

When I entered the building, I was surprised by its modern look and feel. Glass walls and crisp lines dominate the space, you won’t find over-packed racks or piles of clothes. Fransje tells me that it’s the way she likes to shop herself; second-hand stores that feel stuffy are not her thing. The fact that TOPSHIT is sharing space with other creative minds comes in handy as well. Three weeks after their opening, the first collaboration had already been established. Photos shot by Jan Hoek in Ethiopia are part of TOPSHIT’s decor and his booklets and rather unique iPhone cases are sold in the store.

The clothes at TOPSHIT are a mix of unique and stand-out pieces, and more casual, very wearable ones. The latter is important to Fransje, who likes to be able to combine second-hand with new. It’s not always necessary for everything to be extravagant. Clothes should rather be of good quality and have some sort of timeless appeal. This translates into an assortment consisting of more basic pieces in neutral colors and less of the fluorescent ’80s style prints that you’ll encounter in other second-hand stores. So, if you’re looking for good vintage pieces and don’t have time to roam through endless stacks of clothes, take a look at TOPSHIT, where Fransje and Jurjen have done the work for you and present you with their personal favorites.


Where: Geldersekade 28
When: Wed-Sun 11.00-18.30
Online: Facebook & Website

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