Film Fetish Friday: Discussing A Late Quartet

Film Fetish Friday: Discussing A Late Quartet

Apr 12, 2013 |  by  |  Art
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As a freelance journalist, Anouk (26) usually writes about what other people do or like. In her precious spare time she watches arthouse films. Not a few. A lot, thanks to her trusted Cineville pass. Here she can finally share her film-fetish with the world.

Film Fetish Friday is back! Though in a slightly different format: every first Friday of the month Overdose’s beloved film critics Anouk and Steven will discuss a film over a nice cup of tea. Showcasing their brilliant sense for dialogue the two critics will – according to FFF’s classic formula – appreciate cinematographic pearls accordingly or slaughter sucky films. Without mercy, of course.


Anouk: “How long is this film going to take?”
Steven: “Too long.”
Anouk: “Come on! Pessimistic already?”
Steven: “Classical music. Seniority. Basically, I’m afraid that I might not be the targeted audience. But what makes you so giddy about this film?”
Anouk: “Het Parool said all the actors should have been nominated for an Oscar, so that looks promising. I don’t especially like classical music, but I guess it’s more about the tension between the musicians.”
Steven: “Okay, you’ve made me slightly more curious, so let’s go ahead and see it!”
Anouk: “And I haven’t even told you about the handsome Israeli yet.”
Steven: “Again, so excited.”
Anouk: “Don’t you like Philip Seymour Hoffman (He’s not the Israeli, of course.)?”
Steven: “Like him? He is one of the greatest actors of our generation, why do you think I agreed to go see it in the first place? Him and Christopher Walken, legends!”



Steven: “Is she (!) supposed to be Seymour Hoffman’s daughter? He’d wish.”
Anouk: “Would you do her?”
Steven: “Well, if she shuts up I might. How’s your crush on the Israeli going?”
Anouk: “Still there. You know me; loving the ‘strong silent guy’.”
Steven: “You think the daughter and him are going to hook up? I’ll bet you some poor Palestinian farmer’s land on it.”
Anouk: “Bet taken. There’ll definitely be some P in da V. Actually there’s a lot of sex in this film. Considering it’s about violins.”
Steven: “’This one time at band camp…’ But it’s surprisingly intriguing, so I’m locked in!”
Anouk: “See? It’s ok. And it helps a lot that I am making the P in da V sign so many times. It keeps you focused. No, seriously.. love the mix between music and personal issues.”
Steven: “You think it’s them actually playing the instruments? I’m pretty sure Christopher Walken is no Wibi Soerjadi.”
Anouk: “Wibi plays the piano and Walken is going crazy on a cello here. But yeah, I was also wondering about how they filmed all this. It really looks like they are all playing the instruments themselves.”
Steven: “Really? I feel that Walken looks a little lost there, strung out over his cello. It might be the point though. But perhaps we should shut up now, I’m pretty sure some of the more senior people in the audience are dying over us talking.”
Anouk: “I stopped talking 3 minutes ago.”
Steven: “Still making hand signals though.”



Steven: “So, what’s the final verdict?”
Anouk: “I liked it.”
Steven: “Actually, it wasn’t bad. It won’t be a film that stays with me long, but all and all good performances, interesting storyline and decent production value. It never really sparkled though, right?”
Anouk: “True, it didn’t. It was all very ‘between the lines’, no risky stuff. It was exactly what I expected it to be. Which is nice sometimes.”
Steven: “Indeed, it was sort of like Woody Allen decided to make a more high-brow serious drama, if you know what I mean. The director never steers away from drama routine too much. Wasn’t it his debute?”
Anouk: “Yeah. Anywayzzz, time for drinks.”

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