What To Watch Thursday: Win tickets for Byzantium

What To Watch Thursday: Win tickets for Byzantium

Mar 28, 2013 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Born and raised in this amazing city, Steven (25) remembers quite vividly the first film that as a young boy got him addicted to cinema: The Neverending Story. And it really is a never-ending story, his grand film study has gone on ever since. Since then his taste has extended beyond such a fantasy coming-of-age film and will now guide you to what to see and what to skip.

What To Watch Thursday is Overdose’s weekly film concept: every Thursday – which traditionally is première night in cinemas across Amsterdam – we’ll review what is definitely worth your while. Our main goal is to shield you from horrible films and wasting your precious time. In the process we will try and give you as much in-depth background as possible, without spoiling anything!

Imagine preview tour: Byzantium

Anticipation: The 29th edition of the Amsterdam-based Imagine Film Festival is upon us, from April 8 to 17 the festival will offer an extensive range of genres, with particular attention for cult/horror/sci-fi cinema. Although the festival’s foundation was laid 29 years ago with the geek fest Weekend of Terror, pretty much anything can be expected nowadays: last year’s festival screened great films like the Indonesian martial arts hit The Raid: Redemption, Finnish Nazi-absurdity in Iron Sky and Spanish Hitchcockian thriller Sleep Tight. In anticipation with this year’s festival Imagine – recently moved from the cosiness of Kriterion to mega-cinema complex EYE – is organizing a preview tour with British director Neil Jordan‘s new Vampire thriller Byzantium, starring Saoirse Ronan, Gemma Arterton and Sam Riley. Byzantium tells the (apparently bloody) story of two mysterious women who ran away from danger to seek shelter in a small and bleak coastal town.

Win Tickets: Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Byzantium, but to make up for my lack of insight I can hook you up with free tickets! If you can answer the following question correctly, you might be one of the lucky folk who get to enjoy two free tickets for this screening:

Neil Jordan is perhaps best known for the rather unsettling The Crying Game (1992), initially Jordan wanted to name his film The soldier’s wife. However, a famous director friend advised him not to, since such a military title would deter audiences, what it the name of this other British director?

Answers can be send to prijsvraag@kriterion.nl before Monday 18.00, winners can expect to be informed on Tuesday.

Length: 118 min.

Verdict: Hard to tell, but let’s hope for the next Let the Right One In!

Where to see: Watch this film Wednesday April 3th 15.00 in Cineville’s Kriterion and Friday 5th 22.00 in EYE.

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