La Vie returns to the Loods for another devious night

La Vie returns to the Loods for another devious night

Mar 27, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music, Sponsored
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After previous editions in a warehouse, a church and a swingers club La Vie is back with another raw warehouse edition: La Vie en Loods. The La Vie events were once devised by the Plak crew during a brainstorm session in the Red Light District, so it won’t surprise you that sex is a main theme throughout the events. In a subtle way that is. Raw locations, naughty artwork and provocative decorations is what you can expect based on previous editions, but what’s next you’ll have to discover by yourself.

Since we can’t spoil any of the surprises of the night yet, let’s have a look at the line-up. Full Crate, known for his contributions to 22tracks and great productions will deliver a house set, something which Musclefarm, the DJ team consisting of Aron Friedman and Eric de Man, also happens to be quite proficient in. These men have been everywhere lately and for a good reason. Quality is guaranteed. Add local heroes Beesmunt Soundsystem and Riso to the bill and you know you’re in for a good night. Four DJs in eight hours also smells like extra long sets, something Amsterdam should ask for more. These DJs will get the time and space to really show what they’re worth.

Long story short: good stuff is coming from La Vie, at more inspiring locations, with naughty themes and great line-ups. Don’t miss out on this one, and long live the night!

La Vie en Loods
When: April 13th, 22:00 – 06:00
Where: Loods in West, Humberweg 7, Amsterdam
Tickets: €20 via
More info: Facebook event

  • FULL CRATE (house set)
  • MUSCLEFARM (Aron Friedman & Eric de Man)
  • RISO

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