Easy like Zondagmiddag

Easy like Zondagmiddag

Mar 26, 2013 |  by  |  Art, Event, Fashion, Food, Music, Photos
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Hi! My name is Faye and I will be your guide through Amsterdam for the day! Enjoys randomness chat, good banter and will help you find the best dealers in fun, food and adventure.

Last Sunday, Overdose.am hosted the fifth edition of its now renowned Sunday delight: Zondagmiddag. The past few editions have demonstrated some of what you can expect in terms of fun, fashion, food and adventure but this time everything was bigger, better and busier than ever before.

Clothes were fitted, shoulders were rubbed and ears exposed to an erotic literature session. The Mad Hairdresser was so busy she wished she had Edward’s scissorhands. And it was way before evening fell that all the food had been finished. However, thanks to live music, drink and karaoke, our joy could continue far past the late afternoon and into the early hours of Monday. For a recap of a Sunday afternoon better than any other, check out the pictures below.

Pictures courtesy of Faye Lui

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