A cabinet of curiosities at ANNA+NINA

A cabinet of curiosities at ANNA+NINA

Mar 7, 2013 |  by  |  Fashion, Spots
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ANNA+NINA imports jewellery from all over the world to sell to (major) stores in The Netherlands. Last month they opened their own store in the heart of De Pijp. Founders Anna and Nina were initially looking for a showroom where potential customers could have a look at their stock. When they came across a great space at Gerard Doustraat they figured that instead of just a showroom, they could also realize their long-treasured dream and open their very own store. The result is a unique place with an assortment so diverse that it’s hard to categorize.

What’s in store?

Nina calls the store a cabinet of curiosities, as besides the jewellery brands they represent, they also sell anything that they come across and like. Think exotic flowers, hand-painted China or framed butterflies. Even a huge theatre lamp from Hout & Nieuw belongs to their assortment. As for the jewellery, a big chunk of it is from Jewel Rocks, a brand from Bali creating cute bracelets. During my visit I also discovered Ela Stone, a Parisian brand designing very desirable, yet a little more expensive art-deco and vintage inspired jewellery.

The majority of products at the ANNA+NINA store are sold nowhere else in the country. This means that the brands that are offered will constantly change, as some brands will get discovered and picked up by larger stores. It also means that it’s a good place to find a unique present or home decoration that you can be sure of you won’t find in any other house.


Where: Gerard Doustraat 94
Online: Website & Facebook

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