Vrijland finally gives Amsterdam its own big Freedom Festival on May 5th

Vrijland finally gives Amsterdam its own big Freedom Festival on May 5th

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On May 5th the Dutch celebrate the definitive end of World War II in their country with multiple liberation festivals across the nation. Amsterdam will see the birth of a new one of these fests this year as local hotspot Roest teams up with Cartel for a huge new event: Vrijland Festival. Locals can celebrate their freedom with an international line-up of DJs featuring names such as Mike Huckaby, Portable and Studio Barnhus, and a big side-programme of art and entertainment. We from Overdose.am will be present as a partner of the event too, presenting a flea market with the best of Amsterdam’s fashion and art.

We will keep you updated of the developments surrounding this events in the coming weeks, but we suggest you get your hands on an early bird ticket while they last.

Vrijland Festival
When: May 5th, 2013
Where: Amsterdam Roest
Tickets: €14, €17, €20
Line-up music:

  • Mike Huckaby (USA)
  • Portable (live) (SA)
  • Studio Barnhus aka Petter, Axel Boman & Kornél Kovács (SWE)
  • San Proper (live)
  • Koffie (live)
  • Melon
  • Sandrien
  • Homework
  • Victor Coral
  • Jaime Frias
  • Chris Julien
  • Elias Mazian
  • Eke Evi
  • Alex Salvador
  • Daan Groeneveld

more to be confirmed…

line-up non music:

  • Overdose.am flea market
  • Smallest moving cinema of the world
  • Get married for one day
  • Freedom meals
  • Steven de Peven
  • Technorobics

more to be confirmed…


Feature image by Maarten Tromp

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