Bacchanalia from Brabant to Brazil at Roest

Bacchanalia from Brabant to Brazil at Roest

Feb 16, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Food, Music
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The weather is way too cold, the skies in Amsterdam are grey, and your sexy summer garments are hiding somewhere deep down in your closet, forcing you to wear knitted sweaters and ugly boots. A winter depression is near. So what better excuse for a sunny carnival party? This Saturday, Amsterdam Roest will host a carnival that will take you from Brabant all the way to Brazil.

Dig up your little thong bikini or dress up like a typical Dutch party animal, because in the shack temperatures will rise up to tropical heat as the dining tables turn into dance floors. DJs Jules de la Courgette and Die Stramme Jungs will make your hips move and warm up your body to Brazilian beats and Dutch classics.

Dig up your little thong bikini or dress up like a Dutch party animal

Jaymz Pool, chef of Korean restaurant Yokiyo and formerly Wilde Zwijnen, will serve juicy spicy chicken and other culinary goods together with his crew. Eat and drink as much as you like at this bacchanalia and don’t worry about your diet. Brazilian butts are sexy!

Bacchanaal Carnival – Van Rio tot Brabant

When: February 16th, 18.00-03.00
Where: Amsterdam Roest, Czaar Peterstraat 213
Tickets: Free entrance. A full plate: €12,50. Available at Amsterdam Roest
Online: Website

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