Share your culinary talents and love for food at the upcoming Restaurant Day

Share your culinary talents and love for food at the upcoming Restaurant Day

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Have you always dreamt of having your own little restaurant? Serving cocktails in your garden, crafting cupcakes in an improvised bakery or preparing Michelin-worthy delicacies? Well, anything is possible during the upcoming Restaurant Day. On February 17 Amsterdam, and other cities around the globe, will turn into a culinary hub filled with pop-up restaurants run by amateur cooks.

Based on the concept of good food, spontaneity and the creation of a vibrant atmosphere, Restaurant Day grew from a local Finnish initiative into a worldwide event. And it all happened in less than two years time, with the first one taking place in 2011. The event is now held every three months, and creative pop-ups in Amsterdam such as the Euro Shopper Pop Up (which will have its sequel during the upcoming event) have proven to be a great success.

How to get involved?

If you want to contribute to Restaurant Day, you can register and promote your spot on the map. For those of you like me, who love food but aren’t blessed with extraordinary culinary skills: take a look at the map anyway and check out those new spots where you can enjoy a unique and delicious dinner in your own neighbourhood  Some of the pop-ups that sparked my curiosity were De Apotheek which serves a late Recovery Breakfast for all those who partied (too) hard; Hilary’s Table where you can enjoy ‘sexy food that is bold and inspired’ (think of pumpkin-spiced pancakes and grapefruit gin sparklers); and Sensations Restaurant which will surprise us with a Rainbow Minestrone and Magic Wraps. Bon appetit!

Restaurant Day

When: February 17
Online: Website and Facebook

Photos by Tuomas Sarparanta and Heidi Uutela (Restaurant Day)

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