Valentine's Day for all the haters

Valentine’s Day for all the haters

Feb 12, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Music, Spots
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Hi, I'm Sharron (26). Characterized as curious, easily bored and afraid to miss out. So always looking for a new adventure.

It hasn’t even been that long ago that I considered myself one half of a happy couple. Now, a few months later, I’m deliberately a happy single. It wasn’t just my personal status that changed, my opinion about Valentine’s Day took a detour as well. I hate Valentine’s Day…

What used to be a day full of chocolate gifts, flowers and kisses, has now turned into a day full of awkwardness. That certainty about getting a special treat from your honey-bun now turned into a staring contest with your phone. I guess it’s the fear of missing out on the romance.

It’s like Christmas Eve when you where little. You can’t fall asleep, because you are too nervous that Santa is going to pass your chimney.

Since ‘feeling miserable’ is no longer present in my dictionary, I decided that celebrating is the only option. So, for all of us who are still out there, trying to survive in this city where everybody is gay, ugly, off the mark or just not an option, here’s the deal!

What’s Love got to do with it?

What: An anti-Valentine’s special, where the unrestrained single can celebrate freedom with a cocktail.
Where: Hiding in Plane Sight (Cocktailbar HPS)
Online: Facebook


What: Lay back and flirt, or don’t. It’s really up to you if you want to hustle or dance this evening. Roest brings you the music, you bring in some moves.
Where: Amsterdam Roest
Online: Facebook


What: This is my recommendation for all the single ladies. What’s not to like about DJ Makam? He’s hot, DJ and hot. I guess that’s why Studio80 put him on their special Valentine’s edition.
Where: Studio 80
Online: Facebook

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