Amsterdam Fashion Week Day 4 - Elise Kim

Amsterdam Fashion Week Day 4 – Elise Kim

Jan 28, 2013 |  by  |  Event, Fashion, Photos
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As Amsterdam Fashion Week comes to an end, I’m pleased to have witnessed Elise Kim’s collection and seen the detailed and fine work in each one of her pieces. Kim’s love for fashion started at an early age, in her home-town Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Her passion resides in the textures and various materials she encounters. It’s no surprise that this collection showcased a combination of fabrics and few strong colours such as blue, bright red and orange.

Blue and a dream

There’s something that makes Kim’s work all the more unique. In an interview, Kim said that every designer has a process, hers begins with fabric, the substance of the work itself. Without the fabrics she can not know where to go. Her inspiration emerges from memories, books, photos. This time however, she was inspired by a dark dream, deep sleep and the feeling you have when you suddenly wake up from strange images.


This season she presents clean cuts, straight shapes, embroidery. The skirts, dresses, jackets, pants and bags are modern, feminine and have Kim’s unique stamp on them. I must admit that I love wearing black and leather, I was happy to see so much of it on the runway, but presented in a graphic, geometric way. There were so many beautiful black pieces that were enhanced by bright winter colours, blue was certainly the colour that stood out most from the whole collection.

While I’m no fashion expert, and find myself continuously learning about terminology, fabrics and techniques, I truly enjoyed the show. I love that Kim is a young designer who has an incomparable perspective considering her country of origin and the places she has lived: Toronto, Milan, London.

Photography by Andrea Huls

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