Amsterdam Fashion Week Day 2 - Claes Iversen

Amsterdam Fashion Week Day 2 – Claes Iversen

Jan 25, 2013 |  by  |  Fashion
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The second day of Fashion Week ended with a truly magnificent show by Claes Iversen, who’s known for his eye for detail and feminine designs with a luxurious look and feel. Yesterday’s show, called Untied – On the art of letting go, was a bit more subdued than previous ones, using mainly natural hues and never any unnecessary decoration. In contrast to the inconspicuous colours, the construction of the pieces was rather extraordinary and all models wore bright red eye make-up. This made the overall look very balanced and the pieces desirable.

Suits, bows and plastic rectangles

The show started off with some (pant) suits made of heavy fabrics and fully executed in one colour. Iversen kept things exciting by using different cuts and folds, and a variation on the classic bow, which was more or less subtly incorporated in the skirts or attached in front of the blouses. One of the pant suits stood out, since it was very brightly coloured; somewhere in between mint and blue. Even though it was a mystery to me what it did in this collection, the outfit did look great on the model and was a very strong piece. The pant suits were followed by some softer pieces, in particular feminine silk blouses. The accompanying knee-high boots, which Iversen designed himself in corporation with partner Blink, were beautiful and matched very well with the rest of the outfit.

The highlight of the show was the last part, in which Iversen showed his long evening dresses. The most unique and outstanding one was without a doubt the camel-coloured strapless dress, covered with red plastic rectangles. I learned that these two things don’t go together well for me, and it seemed rather artificial. Many others in the room, however, seemed to be in absolute awe at the sight of this dress. My personal favourite was a long black dress, very sophisticated, yet sexy because of the low cut. It also had some sort of sequin-like details on it, which gave it a bit of a shiny and festive look. All in all, Iversen managed to present a cohesive collection that showed his creativity, but will also sell. The collection represented sophistication and class and was one of his best so far.

Photography by Laura Inzaurralde

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