Amsterdam Fashion Week: Borre Akkersdijk

Amsterdam Fashion Week: Borre Akkersdijk

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I’m not really a haute couture fan but I am very fond of mattresses, so I decided to write to you about fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk. Borre graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven and gained a great reputation in the world of fashion by using old textile machinery to create multidimensional clothing. As the winner of last years Dutch Fashion Award, Borre is exposing his newest collection in Gallery 33 during Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Wait.. Mattresses??

Interesting as this may sound, you are probably still wondering about the mattresses…To create his Ready- Made collection, he used old textile machines designed for stitching mattresses to process different materials and to stitch them together creating a new unique kind of outfit. Fashionable, and suitable for hibernation at the same time. The manufacturing gives the clothes a 3D look, because of the several layers of different materials and the distinct colouration. The colours and the different shapes made me think of a prêt-a-porter Miró painting. Find out which is your favourite mattress in Borre’s Lookbook.

Borre’s newest work, which you can go see during this Amsterdam Fashion Week, is called Flat:by Borre. With this exposition Borre will tell you something more about the way he can play with fabrics and change your view by changing the context. To really get the fun going, there are a few special days where Borre will be personally present at the exposition. Here you can get some personal insights in the manufacturing process, and make your very own byBorre-shawl!


When: From January 23th (official opening: 18.00-21.00) – February 24th, Mon- Wed: 11.00-18.00
Where: Gallery 33
Website: byBorre

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