Mixtape Monday: Live 2012 by Anton Kuertz

Mixtape Monday: Live 2012 by Anton Kuertz

Dec 24, 2012 |  by  |  Music
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A mixtape from an Amsterdam based DJ every Monday to kick-start your new week. Archive here.

Anton Kuertz started of with steaming techno live sets exclusively for the infamous KRÄK underground parties. In the spring of 2012 it was time for a game changer and so he dialed down his BPM knob to a grooving 120 kicks a minute and spend long days in the studio. In every track the aim lies in injecting enough weirdness to avoid being compared to the rising deep house hype. Alongside him you’ll find his musical muse Esther Milberg, who takes care of an always alternating vocal backing. This combination of itching melodies and back stroking vocals is what we call ‘Deep Weird Folk House’.

01. Anton Kuertz (feat. Coen Gulcher/Rinse Buurma) – Happyville
02. Anton Kuertz (feat. Esther Milberg) – A Midnight stroll
03. Anton Kuertz (feat. Esther Milberg) – Overkill
04. Anton Kuertz (feat. Esther Milberg) – Bunnyhop
05. Anton Kuertz (feat. Esther Milberg) – Regardless
06. Anton Kuertz (feat. Esther Milberg) – Roofies
07. Anton Kuertz – The Snorthog

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