De-stress at All the Luck in the World's living room

De-stress at All the Luck in the World’s living room

Dec 22, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion, Spots
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Every December Andy Williams starts singing to us about the most wonderful time of the year. Of course we all know he’s talking about Christmas and most of us will agree with him. But for some of us Christmas also means stress. Shopping stress, to be precise. Unfortunately it’s not Santa who puts the presents under the Christmas tree. No, we have to buy them ourselves. Therefore we have to drag ourselves into the cold along with the rest of Amsterdam. This results in madly busy streets and loads of frustration.

Vintage, customized and hand-made

Let me tell you about this beautiful shop, hidden in the cosy streets of De Pijp, where you can buy the perfect presents for underneath the tree in ease. In October this year mother and daughter opened the doors of their perfect little shop called All the Luck in the World. Mother Jane is a designer and an artist, daughter Nina is a goldsmith. The shop is filled with vintage, customized and hand-made furniture, clothes, jewellery, art and decorating accessories.

Jane started years ago with collecting and put it all in her own home. She started selling her collection in the webshop at her successful blog. This year Nina graduated as a goldsmith and they both decided that it was time to take things a step further. Jane’s house was getting too small for her increasing collection of beautiful things and Nina needed a place to present her jewellery. So they took the chance and bought this beautiful space in De Pijp to open their own perfect store.

Living room

They are both blessed with an enormous amount of creativity and a perfect eye for beauty. Entering the store, you can immediately tell that every single piece is carefully selected, remodelled or made with love. It’s almost like stepping into their personal living room. So if you’re still stressing about buying all your Christmas presents and if you’re done buying those standard dime-a-dozen gifts, stop by at All the Luck in the World’s cosy and beautiful parlour.

All the Luck in the World

When: Tuesday till Saturday, 11.00-18.00
Where: Quellijnstraat 80
Online: Facebook

Photography courtesy of Laura Inzaurralde

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