Amsterdam's electronic music radio warriors stay up to DJ until the end of time

Amsterdam’s electronic music radio warriors stay up to DJ until the end of time

Dec 21, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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It’s the end of the world as we know it, you know it, she knows it, everybody knows it. Tonight, many parties will go down to celebrate the end of the world. Special attention goes out to our local radio warriors this time though. Tonight they’ve prepared a special live marathon named ‘De laatste After‘, which we’re happy to support and broadcast through our platform for all you people staying inside for the apocalypse. Starting from 20.00 we salute everybody goodbye until the early hours, or anyway, until Mother Earth lets us. Expect the best of contemporary and timeless techno music by XT3’s finest hosts, DJs, friends and family.

Listen your way into the apocalypse now, studio cam here

On a side note, be sure to stay awake for the ‘Afgrond Top 20′, a collection of the best techno tracks sent in by XT3 listeners as a countdown for the last hour on earth. Send in your track by emailing or drop your comment on their Facebook page. I wish you all a pleasant day, and night, and morning hopefully.


Line up:
20:00 uur – 21:00 uur Bernd & Judith
21:00 uur – 22:00 uur Harrison (aka Figure 8)
22:00 uur – 23:oo uur Justin (Midweek Sessies)
23:00 uur – 00:00 uur Tim (Flavourables)
00:00 uur – 01:00 uur NickieNonstop (Funkinetic Friday)
01:00 uur – 02:00 uur James Watts (Basement)
02:00 uur – 03:00 uur Jorn & Kees (RPM)
03:00 uur – 04:00 uur Willemieke en Roeland (Tech-affecT)
04:00 uur – 05:00 uur Fabio (STUG)
05:00 uur – 06:00 uur Pascal (8Bahn)
06:00 uur – 07:00 uur Jouk (Reverb)
07:00 uur – 08:00 uur Rachid (Club ROT)
08:00 uur – 09:12 uur Afgrond Top 20

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