Holiday Gift Guide, the top spots to get great gifts

Holiday Gift Guide, the top spots to get great gifts

Dec 19, 2012 |  by  |  Spots
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We all know that giving and receiving gifts isn’t the most important part of the holidays. Yet, everyone wants to give their loved ones a good present. The perfect present must be personal, valuable and useful. With all of this in mind, shopping can be a real challenge. To make this year’s gift hunt somewhat easier, I have selected some of the best (gift) stores in town.


This contemporary department store is located in Amsterdam’s inner-city. As every other department store it offers a big variety of products and styles. Think of clothes, home decorations, books, stationery and more. What differs it from your usual department store is that a lot of the products are exclusive, hand-made or designed by young designers from all corners of the world. The combination between the broad assortment and the unique pieces might make this store your best bet if you want to find gifts for the entire family in one store, while making it look like you really took an effort in finding original and personal gifts.

Where: Damrak 47
Website: OPTIONS!


Mendo is the only store of its kind in Amsterdam. Selling the most beautiful coffee table books, it offers exactly that kind of thing you would not necessarily buy for yourself, but would make a great gift. The themes of Mendo’s pieces of art range from sports to fashion and from interior design to globe-trotting. This means there’s something for everyone who can appreciate an aesthetically pleasing present.

Where: Berenstraat 11
Website: Mendo


A few years a go WAAR started out with one single store. The fact that there currently are eight stores, proves they’re doing something right. WAAR’s focus is on fair trade products with a story. In the store you’ll find many (small) goods to embellish your home, wines and inspirational books. So, for those that want to stay true to the Christmas spirit, WAAR is the place to go.

Where: Heiligeweg 45
Website: Dit is Waar

By Popular Demand

A lot of you have probably biked past this store often, since it’s next to Dam Square. But did you ever take a look inside? Besides kitchenware and cookbooks, BPD sell a lot of funny, small gadgets and stationery. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a hole puncher that punches heart-shaped holes, a waiving mini-Beatrix working on solar energy, neon art letters or a world map to scratch open all the places you’ve visited?

Where: Raadhuisstraat 2
Facebook: By Popular Demand

Feel inspired? Then it’s about time for you to get out there and go on the hunt for that unique Christmas present. These shops will provide you with something for everyone, without a doubt!

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