Mixtape Monday: Backstage Freaks by KERK!

Mixtape Monday: Backstage Freaks by KERK!

Dec 17, 2012 |  by  |  Music
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A mixtape from an Amsterdam based DJ every Monday to kick-start your new week. Archive here.

Thanks to their positive energy and tight DJ-sets the KERK!-Boys (Robert Mulder and Juri Miralles) have gained various residencies. Both WKND (Studio 80) and Backstage (Chicago Social Club) get their montly dose of beats by KERK!. They also work closely with Amsterdam’s finest house producers like Lauhaus, Brand!, Du Chatinier and Francesco Robustelli. One would be wise to keep a close eye on these upcoming youngsters..

Backstage at Chicago Social Club Amsterdam: KERK!’s place to be, to get freaky and dirty.

01. E.T. – Phone Sex
02. Frits Wentink – Marygohorse [Triphouse Rotterdam]
03. Doc Martin – A Greater Life (LADM Disco Mix)
04. Luft – In High Spirits
05. San Proper & Steven de Peven – Hupsers & Kletsers For Life
06. The Mole – Hippy Speedball
07. Deetah – Relax (Bump & Flex)
08. Premiesku – E Codat
09. The Parking Attendant – Mask Of A Thousand Faces
10. Du Chatinier & KERK! – Roland [Future Release on Movements Label]
11. Iz & Diz – Love Vibe (Brett Johnson’s Better Days Mix)
12. Frankie Pep – How’s It Feel? (Dachshund Remix)
13. Marc Scholl – You’re So Sudden and Sweet

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