Samsung opens live Wi-Fi photo exhibition in Amsterdam

Samsung opens live Wi-Fi photo exhibition in Amsterdam

Dec 4, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event, Sponsored
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As you may notice in your everyday existence, the world is changing rapidly. For example, in the world of photography. With digital cameras today, anyone can take an excellent picture and call himself a ‘photographer’. Nowadays, we don’t take photos for our personal archive, no, we want to share photos directly with our close connections. Actually, a lot of us use our phone as a camera, but the newest trend is to use a more qualitative Wi-Fi based camera like the Samsung Smart Camera as our primary photo and sharing device. This means even better photos for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, or whatever other hipster platform I’m missing out on.

To celebrate this new era of photography, Samsung is organizing a live Wi-Fi photo exhibition at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Five photographers will capture their experiences at five different places around the world, in a real-time ‘live’ manner that is. All pictures will be taken with a SMART Samsung NX camera and will be directly exhibited. One of the photographers participating for this 2.0 photo-expo is the renowned street-photographer Eric Kim. He will be located in Chicago sharing his impressions, while the Italian photographer Nico Chiapperini will be taking photos of his experiences in Amsterdam. JB Maher will share his experiences from Dublin, Jens Mollenvanger from Antwerp and finally Jesse Kraal will capture the streets of Rotterdam.

In short, the live aspect combined with the professional faces behind the cameras make the Wi-Fi exhibition one of the most surprising photo exhibitions I have heard of. Add some video streams of the photographers in action and some cocktails and you can’t go wrong if you’re into photography, art and technological progress.

The exhibition runs until Sunday, December 9th, every day from 10:00 to 18:00 at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Admission is free.

Samsung live Wi-Fi photo exhibition

When: Every day until December 9th, 10:00-18:00
Where: Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243
Admission: Free
Website: Facebook Page


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