Celebrate the end of the world with some Apocalyptic classics at Kriterion

Celebrate the end of the world with some Apocalyptic classics at Kriterion

Nov 30, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event
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‘APOCALYPSE IS NOW’, well the 21st of December to be completely accurate. According to some Mayan scribbling, the end of time is near and human kind is awaiting a gruesome and sure death. Rubbish, you say? I would initially agree with you on this, however the Mayans are known worldwide for their architectural, artistic, mathematical and scientific achievements. So if they were right about so many things, why would they be wrong about this? Subsequently, this makes a gal want to pack her finest clothes and buy a one-way ticket to Mars.

As a tribute to the ‘end of the world’, Kriterion will show an apocalyptic movie every Monday this December. For only 5,- euros you can visit one of the following apocalyptic classics:

Children of Men – by Alfsonso Cuarón

Blade Runner – by Ridley Scott

Le Temps Du Loup – by Michael Haneke

12 Monkeys – by 12 Monkeys

So in the words of REM; “it’s the end of the world as we know it” and in celebration of Armageddon we at Overdose.am are giving away 2×2 tickets to two lucky people that name their favourite “END OF TIME” film moment on our Facebook page.

Hear hear, if the shit really hits the fan we can always join the Diaspora initiative and conquer a brave new world. Godspeed.

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