Next Monday's Hangover is taking you beyond our ruined planet in search of greener pastures

Next Monday’s Hangover is taking you beyond our ruined planet in search of greener pastures

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If you’ve been to one of our events in the past, you know we like to mess around with bizarre story lines and out-of-the-ordinary themes. And in case you haven’t been paying attention, our next journey will take place on January 1st of 2013. After our summer festivals and the ADE craziness we’re back with a pure edition of what we do best: throw a weird and extravagant party at an unusual location. Let me elaborate more on this, because we’re seriously planning to get lost on this one, and we are taking you with us.

The Final Manifesto of the Diaspora Initiative

Inspired by the novel ‘A Brave New World’ written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley, Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A Space Odyssey’, Scientology, Generation Ships, cornfields, the Freemasons and the Diaspora, we plan to party on into another dimension, literally. The Diaspora order will provide regular spiritual and musical services to which attendance and participation is mandatory. Our journey will take many hundreds of years and we do not expect to arrive anywhere within our own lives. We will live, pro-create and perish on board, so that our children’s grandchildren will reach our new safe haven and flourish.

Diaspora Leadership on Board

Some Chemistry – Our great visionary leader and the captain of the vessel.
Olivier Weiter – The vessel’s main shaman from the spiritual world.
Monkey Safari (DE) – Heads of the on-board reproduction programme.
KiNK (BG) live – Main engineer and master of hardware and machines.
Arjuna Schiks live – The on-board spiritual communication officer.
Robert Babicz (DE) live – Our navigator, the man that will keep us all on course.
Nuno Dos Santos – Master gunner, responsible for the vessel’s weapons & ammo.
Homework – The heads of our vessel’s re-education programme.
Doctor Dru (DE) – In charge of health control and genetic experimentation.
SPACEGIRLS – The perfect child-bearers for our future generations.
SHMLSS – Heads of propaganda, guarding the message.
Jorn Liefdeshuis – Chief evangelist.
La Vondèl & ME.N.U. – Masters of entertainment.
L’Atelier, Mailman & Eigenwijs – Ministers of arts & culture.
+ more

Diaspora Spaceport Amsterdam

We leave from a location hidden in plain sight. What the public thinks is a Velodrome, is secretly the site we have been building our Diaspora vessel at for 17 years. From the outside well hidden, from the inside in disguise. On January 1st, gather here at 17:00. As soon as we are fully loaded with followers we will depart with the goal never to return again.

Join the Order

Register today and secure your personal and genetic survival at

Next Monday’s Hangover – A Brave New World

When: January 1st 2013, 17.00 to 05.00
Where: Stadion Velodrome Amsterdam, Sloterweg 1045
Tickets: €30 –
More info: Facebook event, Diaspora Initiative

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