Converse presents: Converse Nights

Converse presents: Converse Nights

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Converse has always been cool, young and deeply connected to music. With the new Converse Mixtape, the brand expanded its bond with cutting-edge musical talent. Converse has always supported artists in their process of creative development. This belief has been carried out through the Converse Mixtapes; an expression of both new talents and established musicians based in The Benelux. One of the brand’s most recent releases is the Converse Mixtape Volume 5, published in three different versions; INDIE, BEATS and ROCK. To celebrate the deep connection to music, the brand will be hosting special Converse Nights throughout The Netherlands and Belgium, featuring some of their favourite Mixtape Volume 5 artists.

In order to properly prepare yourself for the sing-alongs, you can download the Mixtape Tour Edition on the website. This way, you can listen to 16 tracks of some of the artists that will perform during the Converse Nights. In addition, there’s an extra treat by artists such as Netsky, Kensington and Chef’Special.

One of the most interesting acts is SKIP&DIE, an afro-electronic collaboration originated by Catarina Aimee Dahms en Dutch producer Jori Collignon (C-mon & Kypski, Nobody Beats The Drum) which has evolved into a broader collective of talented musicians. The swinging beats reminded me a little of M.I.A., with more electronical elements. Their musical style is just as diverse as their lyrics. The themes of their songs revolve around townships, dusty roads, skulls, bones and lovebirds, performed in five different languages. A colourful sound from a still unidentified genre is always worth exploring, so don’t miss out on the gig in Antwerp’s Trix on the 29th of November.

Somewhat closer to home is the ROCK edition in Utrecht (December 8th) with bands like Drums Are For Parades and Drive Like Maria. You can buy your tickets (only 5€) at the participating venues and you’ll receive a free goodiebag!

Converse nights

Where: Utrecht (NL), Antwerpen (BE)
When: Thursday November 29th, TRIX. Saturday, December 8th, ROCK night in Tivoli.
More info: Converse Mixtape

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