Claes Iversen x WE, a haute couture dress

Claes Iversen x WE, a haute couture dress

Nov 20, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion, Photos
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In need for a little glam during the holiday season? Dutch designer Claes Iversen joined forces with fashion store WE and designed five little black dresses perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Your chance to wear some haute couture during those cold, wintery days.

Yesterday Claes revealed the collection in the big WE store in the Kalverstraat. Everybody could get some personal style advice from the master himself. Say what? Yes, Claes walked through the clothing racks with you, gave you some good personal advice and waited for you to fit the dress. How nice.

Eyecatcher of the collection is a shirtdress with embellished collar combined with a large tulle skirt. This extravagant design makes those obligatory visits to your in-laws a little less dreadful. Yes guys, a dress can do that for a girl. Just as much as shoes can. The rest of the collection consists of more simplistic black dresses. Equally beautiful.

Vogue magazine also styled all of the dresses. You can find the result in the new Vogue issue, in stores this Thursday. So get some inspiration, pick your dress and off you go to the nearest WE store.

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