Best of both worlds at KOKO Coffee & Design

Best of both worlds at KOKO Coffee & Design

Nov 15, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion, Food, Spots
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Two years ago coffee connoisseurs and fashion lovers Karlijn Timmermans and Caroline Kruijssen had the idea to create a place where they could combine their passion for coffee and design. Without knowing if their dream would ever come true, they started collecting furniture and their houses slowly filled themselves with items for the potential project. Last September their dream finally became reality and after my visit to this (soon to be) hotspot I can only say: thank God -and crowdfunding- it did!

Clothing, art and coffee

When I walked in I immediately noticed that KOKO didn’t look like a coffee bar that also sells the paintings that are accidentally hanging on the wall. It didn’t look like a clothing store that offered a cup of coffee as a nice gesture to their customers either. No, this cosy place clearly treats their clothing, art and coffee with equal concern and respect.

The fashion collection consists of clean-cut, classic designs with a twist, all made of high-quality fabrics. While I was looking through the pieces Caroline proudly told me that some of the labels, such as the Finnish R/H and Samuji, are exclusively sold at KOKO. Moreover, KOKO provides space to local artists and designers and young and upcoming talents. The latter is of course good news for the design lover on a budget.

The coffee that is served, roasted by Caffenation, is also quite unique as it is only available at a few coffee bars. The special I tried tasted good, but I must say that I’m not too picky when it comes to coffee. However, when I was visiting there happened to be a group of people who were doing a ‘coffee tour’, tasting coffees all around the city. And if even these critical coffee lovers assure me that KOKO truly is ‘coffee heaven’ I believe it’s safe to say that this place deserves your visit!

KOKO Coffee & Design

Where: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 145

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