STRAF_WERK closes off the year in a deeply insane manner

STRAF_WERK closes off the year in a deeply insane manner

Nov 14, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music, Sponsored
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It was only a year ago when we wrote about the new kid in town, the mean one. STRAF_WERK, the party that brought back the feeling of solidarity and hands-in-the-air moments into the clubs. Well, I think they closely achieved what they wanted, a therefore they decided to close 2012 with a line-up that can only be described as insanely sick. Who ever said this kind of all-star programming only happened in Berlin and Ibiza?

Why New Year’s Eve Sucks

Ideally, dinner and a movie would be the way to go on this night. That never happens. Your “plans” will consist of attending parties hosted by people you don’t know and dance clubs with German techno blasting out your eardrums. How about talking about something you will never actually achieve? Fake resolutions, also a well-known phenomenon. Furthermore, crowded bars, high costs, amateur drinkers and no one in the history of mankind has ever met the outlandish hopes placed on New Year’s Eve. Adults should be able to manage their expectations but never do on this night.

Why you should go party the day before

First of all, hats off for what has to be one of the best programmed events of the year. Thirteen hours of the finest contemporary deep house. Seventeen artists on the bill, including last year’s Resident Advisor number one DJ Jamie Jones and the almighty king of nu-disco Todd Terje. Four areas, and from what we’ve heard, extra long sets. That’s what you can call a good way to close off the year.

Jamie, Todd & Prins

Welsh-born Jamie Jones is a special breed of artist, his sound continually grows more diverse as he continues always to take risks to develop his unique style. Many sides to his sound have been explored on labels such as Cocoon, Freak n’Chic, Get Physical, Pokerflat and his own Hot Creations in the past couple of years. He’s the absolute rockstar amongst the DJs nowadays. Todd Terje, on the other hand, was candidate number one to win the award for world’s coolest nerd this year. If you haven’t heard Inspector Norse over the past year you’ve seriously been living under rock. Not only a massive tune, also an incredible video. Finally, the ‘other’ Norwegian man Prins Thomas is responsible for a swag of the eclectic ‘space-disco’ sounds. The man is known for his long and sexy sets, last time we saw the man in action women started taking their clothes off on the dancefloor.


When: December 30th, 18.00 tot 07.00
Where: Westerunie, Westerliefde, Transformatorhuis, Westergasterras
Tickets: €32,50
More info: Facebook event, Straf_Werk website

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