Local Rockstars: Applescal is Dreaming in Key for his third album

Local Rockstars: Applescal is Dreaming in Key for his third album

Nov 12, 2012 |  by  |  Music
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Whether you went out last weekend to check out an uber-geeky beat magician or a depressingly awesome indie rock band, we all know there’s always some serious musical talents rocking around the Dam. You might not recognize them all yet, but don’t worry, you will soon. In this series of interviews we talk to remarkable artists about their music and their inspirations.

Dutch electronica mastermind Applescal is about to release his third album. For three years he worked on ‘Dreaming in Key’, and this February it will be released upon the world. We have the privilege of leaking the first track Boys (feat. David Douglas), and we decided to have a little talk with the big man himself. So without further ado, I present you: Applescal.

What did you have for breakfast today? Trust me, this is important.
“Not much really. 3 cups of coffee and a lot of emails to feed my brain with, haha.”

So, you’re about to release your new album. How do you feel? Proud? Nervous? Relieved?
“I feel relieved. It’s pretty hard to hold back so many tracks for such a long time. Hope the people are going to like the new music, so I’m a bit nervous too.”

What do you mean by ‘holding back’? Does that mean they’ve been finished for a long time already? Have you kept these tracks out of your live sets, or have you sneakily played them already?
“It took me about 3 years to finish this album so im happy it’s done now. I’ve finished most tracks a few weeks back, but some sketches of tracks have been created one or two years back.”

Your last album got a 6.8 on Pitchfork, by how much is your new album going to top that?
“I think my new album is the best work i’ve done so far. Hopefully they think about it the same way.”

I get my inspiration from just jamming and playing around in the studio. I don’t look up to anybody really.

Would you say your new album is a new chapter of the same ‘Applescal story’, or an entirely different story?
“The album is a story itself. It’s a dream about good times…”

A dream about good times, that sounds very positive! Was it a conscious choice to stay away from the deeper and darker sound, or did it come naturally?
“It came naturally. You know, sometimes you just dream about stuff. Is it about music, a melody, or about what you want to do. Something you want to create or what you want to reach in life.. That’s kind of what this album is about.”

You’re kind of building up your very own style. Where do you get your inspiration? Any fellow producers you look up to?
“I get my inspiration from just jamming and playing around in the studio. I don’t look up to anybody really. But there are a lot of musicians I like. For example Christian Loeffler, Dauwd, David Douglas, Young Montana, John Talabot, Kenton Slash Demon, Petar Dundov. Check them out, they are good and have soul.”

Is that what you look for in music? Soul? I know it might be hard to explain in words, but how do you recognize soul in music?
“I can listen to 200 records a day and for example just have only two or three tracks that catch me. You can not recognize soul, but can only feel it’s there (sounds cheesy huh.. haha).”

Speaking about producers with soul, what was your latest genius discovery (artist or track)?
“It’s Sau Poler – Rutes and Monokle – Swan (daisuke Tenabe remix)

Can you tell us why you like those so much? What makes them interesting to you?
“It’s diverse, intense. Has a sense of beauty. A drive. It’s intelligent. The tracks don’t have many plays, which gives you the feeling the track is just for your ears only.”

Who did the artwork for the album?
“A good friend, Fedde Dijkstra. He’s the best. He also did the design of rtfkt.net

Applescal - Dreaming in Key

You’ll play at PRISMA in Studio 80 on Dec 1st, together with Rone and Worakls. Looking forward?
“Yeah really. I haven’t played with Rone before and I heard it’s his first time in the Netherlands!”

What are you having for dinner? Not as important as breakfast, but still pretty important.
“I really like to cook so I think I’ll come up with something GOOD. Have to think about some breakfast first though! Haha. Cheers!”

Cheers to you too!

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