Best coffee in town at De Koffie Salon

Best coffee in town at De Koffie Salon

Nov 8, 2012 |  by  |  Food, Spots
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Some people can’t function without it. Some people are grumpy up until they have it. Coffee, I’m talking about coffee. From the Ethiopian highlands, to the Arabian Peninsula and brought to Europe, it has been traded, transformed and grown in many places. Coffee has become a portable beverage, an addiction, and a social activity. But, where in Amsterdam can you find the best coffee?

It’s very important for us that our customers feel at home and that the coffee they take everyday is just as good as the day before.

Recently Misset Horeca has given De Koffie Salon the title ‘number one’ coffee in The Netherlands. I wanted to know why. My curiosity led me to contact Richard E. Jennings, who manages all three Koffie Salon locations. One word defines its success: consistency. “I want our customers to walk into any location and regardless of who makes the coffee, they know it’s going to be good.” All Koffie Salon employees rotate, and they maintain a professional, friendly and high quality service.

It’s consistency and other perks that keeps people going back. According to Richard, De Koffie Salon wants to embody a coffee house in Italy or Paris, while creating an Amsterdam identity. The black and white photos hanging on the walls, community tables and the various plants are a conscious choice to create a comfortable, warm atmosphere, “It feels like it’s somebody’s house.” Which is one of their goals, “It’s very important for us that our customers feel at home and that the coffee they take everyday is just as good as the day before.”

Social coffee

Before the interview, I had sat down by the bar and came across the International Herald. It had been ages since I held an actual newspaper. As I sipped my Latte, I felt very much at home. Somewhere in our conversation, Richard mentioned that in the three years he has been working, the company had to take some risks such as taking the wireless access down. “We used to have internet, and it was the hip thing to do at the time. But it became the norm, and it became the office. Everyone was in their own little world.” Now, people can still work and they can also make the time to talk to other people, read, write, think. Take a real break. Unplug from their busy lives, simply to enjoy that coffee.

De Koffie Salon is building up a name. “We don’t always follow trends, I’m open for change, but I don’t like to follow what everyone else is doing.” This applies to different aspects of the business. For instance their coffee sticks to basics. “It’s neutral, it’s nice, not too overpowering.” There aren’t any added extravagant flavours. It’s all about letting the coffee speak for itself. To match the coffee there are some sweet baked goods from Lanskroon, croissants and sandwiches.

The place is open 365 days a year, from 7 to 7. Except on Christmas and New Year’s Day, when they open a bit later. I loved the relaxed and comfortable vibe, besides the great coffee and service. When you need your next doses of caffeine bring yourself to this spot.

De Koffie Salon

Where: Utrechtsestraat 130, 1e C. Huygensstraat 82 and 1e van der Helststraat 66
When: 7 days a week, from 7AM to 7PM

Photography by Andrea Huls

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