Go see Purity Ring’s ghostly electropop at Trouw tomorrow evening

Go see Purity Ring’s ghostly electropop at Trouw tomorrow evening

Nov 7, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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I'm Sophia and I moved to Amsterdam from London to study film. I like cinema, 60's music and fashions, and walking. I can't speak Dutch, or ride a bike. But I'm trying.

I first fell in love with Canadian electronic pop duo Purity Ring when a friend showed me their video to “Loftiscries” on Youtube. Holy shit! There’s a crazy girl with an orange eye patch injecting people to death! I thought for a second it was the singer. It’s not! They cut up a 1970s Swedish film called ‘Thriller: A Cruel Picture’ for the video, and it works perfectly with the song.

Seeing them at Trouw is going to be amazing – I can only assume they’ll have spooky light displays. I can’t imagine anyone’s going to dance, although they might sway a bit. Megan James’ vocals are a little bit like The Knife, a little bit like Grimes, a little bit like the crazy demon-child in ‘The Exorcist’. What else can you expect from a band with lyrics like “Grandma… drill little holes into my eyelids” and “Let it seep through your sockets… your precious fractured skull”. Woah.

So if you like electronic pop that’s a bit sweet, a lot dark, and gives you the feeling of being a kid at Halloween, eating too many sweets and wanting to hurl over the pumpkin display, then Purity Ring’s creepy future pop will set your head aswirling. They are supported by Toronto band Doldrums – it’s going to be a fun night.

Purity Ring
When: Thursday November 8th, 20:30
Where: Trouw
Tickets: €12 at the door or free for Subbacultcha! members
More info: Purity Ring Tumblr / Trouw on the event

Purity Ring – Belispeak from BREWER on Vimeo.

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