Je Moeder clears Toomler's comedy floor for Kubus & Sticks

Je Moeder clears Toomler’s comedy floor for Kubus & Sticks

Oct 29, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Amsterdam has a rich history when it comes to hip-hop: Def P and his Osdorp Posse, Bassline (the longest-running hip-hop night in the Netherlands) and more recently De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. With the turn of the millennium, however, came the rise of Nederhop from the East, with Zwolle being the epicentre. And now the two cities meet, thanks to blog and party squad Je Moeder.

Microphone Colossus 1 & 2

Kubus & Sticks achieved their big success together in 2004 with Microphone Colossus, and released part two last year. Sticks is considered one of the best live performers in the Dutch hip-hop scene, and together with producer Kubus manages to bring down the house every time they share the stage. Key ingredients are the energetic and raw lyrics with great beats and an even flow. Enough reasons for Je Moeder to bring them both over to Amsterdam. Here’s a preview of what to expect, Kubus & Sticks giving their ‘definition of hip-hop':

The venue of choice is a famous one, albeit for reasons unrelated to hip-hop. Since 1990, Toomler has been the home of Comedytrain, the first stand-up comedy collective in The Netherlands. But this week, Amsterdam’s most classy basement clears the floor for something totally different. Hip-hop lovers can’t miss out on this one!

Je Moeder presenteert Kubus & Sticks

When: Friday, November 2nd, from 11:30AM until 3:30AM
Where: Toomler, Breitnerstraat 2
Tickets: €15, pre-sale here.
Online: Facebook event and

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