Sophie’s Choice: Film artist Lisa Smidt

Oct 17, 2012 |  by  |  Art
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Hi, I'm Sophia, a fiery redhead in the wondrous world of Amsterdam. I find my joy in singing, good food, cocktails, cute hidden places in our city and talking to crazy, inspiring and creative people.

Sophie’s choice is a series of portraits of young artists I want you to meet and keep an eye on. Why? Because they are inspiring, talented and doing what they like to do most. They are people with a passion for their art, on their way to becoming the greatest artists of today and tomorrow. The new generation is here! Meet more of them here.

It’s been a while since the last post in this series. Since then I got to know a lot more young and inspiring artists, so let me introduce you to the next one. Lisa Smidt is a young artist from Amsterdam, who makes beautiful short films, in which she creates a world somewhere in between fantasy and reality.

Film is only one of her disciplines. She knows how to work with graphics, photography, fashion and film, and combines all those art forms into her own productions. She initiates them, produces, creates, directs, designs and animates from scratch. Lisa likes to collaborate with people who are like an extension of herself and her creativity, but can create new input. For the soundtracks, she often works with producer and musician Perquisite. And not without a reason; the music suits the videos as if Lisa made it herself.

There are no strict lines in personalities.

Lisa is inspired by her own life: the people she meets, the places she goes and everything else that helps her develop as a person. She doesn’t see strict lines between different art forms, as art is part of her personality, and there are no strict lines in personalities or in life.

What I like about her films is the way they speak for themselves. You don’t need speech to understand the video. The colours she uses, the lights, the installations and the atmosphere suck you into her world as if you’re peeking inside a shoebox. One of her free works is the film ‘Please find my mind’. A beautiful, fragile film about insecurity and losing grip, translated into two people, light, shadow and colours, and installations made of fragile pieces of fabric.
Please find my mind by Lisa Smidt

Besides her own free work, she also makes videos for artists, designers and brands. As you can see in the video she made for Dutch designer Pieter Ceizer and his anniversary collection in the French store Colette.

Ceizer X colette from Lisa Smidt on Vimeo.

Right now, she does as much as she can to extend her work in film and get better and better. Her work is not only focused on Amsterdam, or even Holland. Lisa already has plans to go abroad. She’s working on projects in NYC and in Paris, but she couldn’t tell us exactly what that was. So keep following her!

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