Guest of Honor: Call your mama to pick you up after Adana

Guest of Honor: Call your mama to pick you up after Adana

Oct 17, 2012 |  by  |  Music
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Caroline (25) is a writer, an expat enjoying life at its fullest in Amsterdam and a girl born to party. She makes her Friday night plans no later than Monday morning and enjoys drinking verse muntthee just as much as hot-people-watching in the city.

Hamburg residents Adana Twins, who charmingly named themselves after their favourite doner kebab place ‘Adana’, are getting ready to heat up the decks during Amsterdam Dance Event at Next Monday’s Hangover and Pleinvrees/STRAF_WERK. Although the duo consisting of friends Friso and ‘Take it easy’ make a laid-back impression and love relaxing and popping by coffeeshops in Amsterdam they say do not get deceived! You will most likely need a ride home after you’ve danced yourself sore to their beats.

You live in Hamburg, a city that is famous for its rich electronic music scene, its notorious red light district in St. Pauli and lots of rainy weather… sounds like Amsterdam! What’s so special about Hamburg that makes you want to live there? 
“There is so much that we find special about Hamburg! For example, the amazing labels that inhabit the city – Diynamic, Smallville, Liebe*Detail and many others. Then of course our whole JEUDI family, all of our best friends and not to forget… our favorite Turkish restaurant Peacetanbul!”

Besides your mutual affinity for Doner (Adana) Kebab, what other passions brought you together?
“Well, we studied at university together, then started organising events, and most importantly…we partied together a lot.”

What does Amsterdam mean to you?
“We simply love this city. One of Friso’s best friends lives here so we always try to catch him and hit some coffeeshops. And of course Friso is half Dutch, so he has always had a special relationship with the Dam and the Netherlands in general.”

Amsterdam has for a long time been famous for its minimal techno scene, whereas now, deep house seems really up and coming. That also explains why people completely let loose when you play your deep house remix of ‘Strange’ by the Doors. What inspired you to get into this genre?
“It’s a combination of our individual musical backgrounds such as listening to stuff like Daft Punk, Jeff Mills, A-Trak, DJ Medhi and a love for 80s music as well as the influences we stumbled upon a little later like the Hamburg labels I mentioned already. These were some of the early deep house sounds we heard that really shook us up.”

Where in the world do you find your craziest crowd?
“A lot of places like Brazil, England, Istanbul, Brussels and of course our hometown, Hamburg.”

Let’s say you get the chance to choose and perform with one of the following people one: Rammstein, 50 Cent or Paris Hilton. What’s your pick?
“Maybe we just Ram-Hilton? And toss her 50 cents on the way out the door!”

Speaking of Paris Hilton….How do you deal with drunk groupies trying to climb into your DJ booth?
“We just tell them to go and visit the Jackmode office in Berlin!”

The Amsterdam Dance Event is known for massive line-ups, the creme de la creme of the electronic music industry coming together and plenty of well-deserved hangovers. How are you going to spend your ADE besides turning tables?
“We will chill with friends, walk around the city, drop by some coffeeshops and believe it or not – just relax.”

Yeah, right. As if the Adana Twins and “relaxing” would ever go well together…

Featured image by Felix Krüger

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