CHIXPEDITION: Magneet Festival

Oct 16, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event, Music
About the author
Hi, I'm Sharron (26). Characterized as curious, easily bored and afraid to miss out. So always looking for a new adventure.

As the last festival of the season, Sab and Shar hit Magneet Festival. What we were expecting were some hippies on sandals. What we got were some used and unused condoms and a shitload of free cocktails. On this special day, where we thought that nothing was going the way we planned, karma took a visit. We found it at the Magic Mystery Bus and it never left. Until we gave it back to Bart Skils…

Party and bullshit
What we’ve already been proving to you this summer is that we are one hell of a partygang. This time we add a little more rock ‘n roll to it. Where Sab found her safe sex, Shar only saw boys, boys and boys. Watch us give them a massage, smack their bum, caress them with feathers and tickle their balls. And did I mention we drank a lot of free cocktails yet?

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