BAUT, new kid on the concrete block

BAUT, new kid on the concrete block

Oct 16, 2012 |  by  |  Food, Photos, Spots
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Last week our city got just a little better with the opening of new restaurant BAUT in the Wibautstraat. Many will disagree (including me), but this street is sometimes referred to as the ugliest street in Amsterdam. Due to economic problems after WWII, the street got filled with large concrete buildings and became a victim of béton brut architecture. During the last decade it has been exposed to all sorts of renovations and demolitions, making the street view even worse. But sometimes, at places that appear to be grey and soulless at first, the most interesting things happen.

Parool triangle

The Trouw building now shelters club and restaurant Trouw and art space De Verdieping, making it one of the hottest spots in the city. Together with Canvas in the Volkskrant building and now restaurant BAUT these buildings form the so called Parool triangle. New kid on the block BAUT is a temporary project by Nu of Nooit!, and part of a municipal plan to redesign the neighbourhood. Until December 2014 this building will be all about industrial comfort, good food and local art. And indeed, the place looks great: comfortable restaurant tables, a large open kitchen and even a vintage smoking-room with old leather couches and designer lamps.

Good food, wine and art

BAUT offers excellent wining and dining, with an exclusive menu of little dishes from all over the world. The food is exclusive, so no greasy hamburgers with bacon this time but haute cuisine amuse-bouches with quite the price; tasty oysters filled with caviar, scallops in mousse di porcini and fresh pasta with grilled mushrooms are some of the many appetizing bites. BAUT is not only a relaxing spot to grab something to eat, you can also enjoy art exhibitions, workshops and recurring parties. Next spring they’re planning to install an ‘urban terrace’ on the first floor, so you can even go outside and stare across the ‘ugly’ Wibautstraat. Love it or hate it, this new concrete jungle seems to become Amsterdam’s new cultural centre. Take a walk around the Wibautstraat and you might discover the fifty shades of concrete grey.


Where: Wibautstraat 125
Website: BAUT
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 09:00-01:00, Friday & Saturday: 09:00-03:00

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