Dust and Guitars: Benny Sings at North Sea Jazz Club

Dust and Guitars: Benny Sings at North Sea Jazz Club

Oct 8, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Whether you’re in the mood for some sweat, heat and excitement, for taking a soothing dream ride along psychedelic soundscapes, or maybe to wallow in bittersweet self-pity over the love you just lost, there’s always the right band at the right time. I’ll be your pathfinding captain through the desert of dust and guitars, so fill up your flask and follow me.

Even if you don’t know Benny Sings, you probably know Benny Sings. He isn’t always in the spotlight, but has been making music non-stop for the last ten years. His own music, but also as a producer for Giovanca, Wouter Hamel and, most recently, Faberyayo‘s new album. Last Friday he celebrated this musical decade with the release of ‘The Best of Benny Sings’.

Everything glows

If you’re unfamiliar with his style, his artwork can tell you a lot. It’s harking back to the moist, sticky warmth and peculiar forced vanity of the ’80s, but it’s definitely tongue-in-cheek. Or is it? His lightly awkward stage presence will have you guessing about his motives, and leaves you somewhere in between swinging sympathy and uncomfortable pity. Is he only pretending to have fun, or is his fidgety mimic just what real unpolished passion looks like?

I can assure you one thing: Benny Sings won’t leave you standing still. The bouncy beats will have your fingers tapping in no-time, and the funky guitars go straight to your hips. Add some keys, claps and raps to the mix and you’ll soon find yourself in a tornado of gawky dance-moves. Not to worry though, when you start to feel your swing muscles strain there’s also time for the occasional ballad. Take the brand new single Can You Believe It’s Magic for example; after only ten seconds of listening it has you feeling like you’re unwrapping Christmas presents wearing grandma’s favourite knitted sweater.

This Thursday he’ll be presenting the new album in the North Sea Jazz Club, at a price that reminds us of the days of yore, so I suggest you go check it out. There’ll also be a photo exhibition by Duy Quoc Vo, the guy who made his album artwork, and musical support from DJ Moes and Tim Extraa.

Oh and before I forget, we can give away two albums and 2×2 tickets for the show. Post your favourite vintage Christmas photo as a comment below this article on our Facebook page and we’ll pick a winner based on our very objective nostalgic emotions. Capiche?

Benny Sings

When: Thursday October 11th, 22.00h
Where: North Sea Jazz Club, Pazzanistraat 1 (Westergasfabriek)
Tickets: €8,-
Info: North Sea Jazz Club website

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