Jetzt geht's LOS! at Het NazomerSpektakel

Jetzt geht’s LOS! at Het NazomerSpektakel

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LOS! is a young and fresh organization from around this neighborhood. This group of four friends started out by throwing New Year’s Eve parties, always with the philosophy that love and unity are the most important things within our house scene. Things went so well that these guys felt like organizing more parties and generating more smiles on the dance floor throughout the year, and with success.

You might have been to, heard of, or missed out on their boat party Trossen LOS! last summer, or one of the other editions like LOS!lopend wild and Total LOS! featuring artists like Olivier Weiter, Arjuna Schiks and Miss Melera. Three things that characterize these events are their remarkable locations, the amount of work they put into their decoration and their uplifting house music preferences.


LOS! Het NazomerSpektakel

Next up is LOS! Het NazomerSpektakel for the second time, at a very unique location. Think warehouses this time. A spectacle with a wink at the festival season. It will be a proper rave, musically developing from deephouse to techno. Crazy outfits, camping-tuxedos, swimming suits, ice cream and factor 20 sunscreen bottles are recommended. Expect a healthy dose of props, garlands, confetti, balloons and other surprises. Not to forget, the get-together goes on for twelve hours, so you might want to get your energizers together.

The main stage will consist of both national and international artists like Dimitri Kneppers, Einmusik (DE), Nakadia (TH), Paul Hazendonk, Prosper Rek, De Crux and Misja Impossible & Delatouffe. Dimitri aka Mr. Roxy himself has been a local house legend for ages; the man has never really disappointed a crowd, especially not since his return to the scene two years ago. Einmusik, if you don’t know the guy yet, is a renowned DJ and producer from Berlin. Since the release of his latest album we’ve gotten to enjoy the man’s DJ- and live-sets at big events like Mysteryland, Buiten Westen, GZG, Pleinvrees and Soenda. Of course, Paul Hazendonk and Prosper Rek will represent the Dutch sound with their deep and melodic input. There will also be a ‘TalentTent’ where newcomers in the game of DJing can show their skills. Lastly, expect a camp with a chill-out area and sufficient food and beverages.

Dimitri in Trouw:

LOS! Het NazomerSpektakel
When: October 13th, 14:00-02:00
Where: Humberweg 7
Tickets: €25,-
More info: Facebook event
Line-up: Dimitri Kneppers, Einmusik, Nakadia, Paul Hazendonk, Prosper Rek, De Crux, Misja Impossible & Delatouffe and more..

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