World Class Moment, the Champions League of cocktail challenges

World Class Moment, the Champions League of cocktail challenges

Oct 3, 2012 |  by  |  Food, Sponsored
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World Class, which has been running for 6 years, is an annual global search for the world’s best bartenders. What happens in World Class is what defines cocktail culture around the world, both at your local bars and your homes. It discovers the next generation of bartending talent who set the latest mixology trends and bring these to the best bars. You know the bartenders we’re talking about, the ones that make magic happen when you ask them to make you a cocktail.

Win a ‘World Class Moment’

To bring a touch of this ‘World Class’ to you, we’re running a competition to win your very own ‘World Class Moment’. It’s the chance to win the perfect drink, in the perfect location with the perfect drinking companions. It’s pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rightfully enjoy Ketel One cocktails in a proper luxury bar, or take part in a mixology masterclass at home whipping up a Tanqueray No Ten cocktail.

In the summer, a selection of bartenders were filmed making a cocktail they felt best represented their World Class Moment. It’s simple, you watch the videos and select your perfect cocktail, answer the question that follows and decide who you’d like to bring along with you to share this customized moment in a pretty world class setting.

Look out for the World Class bartender of the Year 2012 TV programme (on the 8th of October, RTL5, 23.30) to get a real taste of what these bartenders are capable of. In a thrilling one hour special viewers get front row access to the nail biting competition – both on stage and behind the scenes.

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