Watch this year's Drive at the Jameson Film Experience

Watch this year’s Drive at the Jameson Film Experience

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I love a good film and a good whiskey. Combining the two sounds like a win-win situation, especially with a film that looks as promising as Killing Them Softly. Those who visited the edition featuring Anton Corbijn’s Closer or any of the four other previous editions, know they can trust the film selection the Jameson crew make. To get in on the action you need to request an invite from Jameson here. See you there!

Killing Them Softly

Set in 2008, against the backdrop of America’s financial meltdown, we follow Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt); a professional hitman who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game. With Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini and Sam Shepard amongst others in the cast, this movie boasts an impressive ensemble. Due to the stylish drama and extreme violence of the film has already been named this year’s Drive by some. Watch the trailer below and you will probably understand why.

Jameson Film Experience – Killing Them Softly

When: October 12th
Where: Westergasfabriek
Tickets: get an invite via Jameson here

Jameson Film Experience

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