Cheap food for expensive people at Supperclub's Soup Kitchen

Cheap food for expensive people at Supperclub’s Soup Kitchen

Sep 22, 2012 |  by  |  Food, Spots
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As you can read in my biography, I’m an ‘epicurean’. I like to live the good life and spend as much money on fancy drinks and luxurious dinners as possible. Unfortunately, my bank account thinks differently most of the time. As a fresh graduate who’s still trying hard to find herself a real job, my bank credit has even hit rock bottom. And so my beloved lifestyle remains only a desired one. To ease my pain a little bit, I keep telling myself I’m not the only one dealing with this sometimes unbearable torture.

Decadent night out

To all my fellow penniless epicureans, I’ve got news for you! I would like you to meet Soup Kitchen; an evening filling and entertaining event at the restaurant of the extravagant and posh Supperclub. Expect a warm welcome by their friendly and entertaining hosts, who will escort you to your table. If you are lucky you can sit on and eat at one of the luxurious white beds. The hosts will treat you like you are a king/queen during the whole evening. The food is good and the alcohol flows abundantly.

To give your stomach the opportunity to digest the meal you just ate, you can enjoy some serious, but most of all ridiculous entertainment between the courses. When I was there I saw gigantic black cats being naughty and jumping around like crazy until food started flying around and the fancy restaurant with the nice clean white beds began to look like a fancy family dinner that got totally out of hand. This crazy freak circus sounds like the average (and quite expensive) night out at Supperclub, but this evening is different.

Euro Shopper prices

The best part comes when you ask for the bill. Soup kitchen, like the name suggests, wants to make sure that even a fancy night out is possible for the less fortunate. For only €7,50 they offer you dinner and dessert, the best hosts in town and next level entertainment. All the ingredients comes from Albert Heijn’s cheap and cheerful Euro Shopper brand. Beer (a pint, served in an Euro Shopper can) and wine are only €1. And even though dinner is prepared with Euro Shopper products, the food is not bad at all.

Soup Kitchen is a monthly event. Check the Supperclub agenda on their website for the dates. The next edition will be next week on Tuesday the 25th. Make sure you make your reservations in time, and be guaranteed a dinner like you have never experienced before. And all that for a bargain price!

Photography courtesy of Faye Lui

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