WEITER is bringing Rock-‘n-Roll back to Amsterdam’s house scene

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Amsterdam’s dance scene is a very cosy one, everyone is friends with everyone and going to most of the night clubs feels like partying in someone’s living room. Your friends are the DJs and the DJs are your friends; the atmosphere is often intimate. I appreciate this about our little town, but sometimes you yearn back to the nights of yore when artists were real stars and going out meant seeing a rock-‘n-roll legend in action. Well, it seems we might be going back to those days a little bit, as that man Olivier Weiter has turned to rock history for inspiration for his new night WEITER.

Sex, Drugs & Rock-‘n-Roll

WEITER is Olivier Weiter’s new platform for self-expression. Expect an extra long, extremely dirty set from the man that is called house music’s shaman, and a supporting sex, drugs & rock-‘n-roll show you will never forget. Think Sin City and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas mashed in one. Support comes from local heroes Arjuna Schiks, Miss Melera, Some Chemistry, René Engel and John Wolff.

Want to know more? You really have to be there.

When: November 24th, 23:30-05:00
Where: Paradiso
Tickets: €12.50 ex. Paradiso membership
More info: Facebook event
Line-up: Olivier Weiter w/ 3 hr set, Arjuna Schiks, Miss Melera, Some Chemistry, René Engel, John Wolff

WEITER Paradiso

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