Vogue celebrates their Amsterdam presence at Vogue Fashion's Night Out

Vogue celebrates their Amsterdam presence at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

Sep 14, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion
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After Paris, London and New York, it’s finally here! Since the Netherlands now has its own Vogue, we also have a new fashion event. Yesterday night, Amsterdam had it’s first Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. With shops that opened their doors till late, performances, screenings, meeting with designers and lots of shopping.

Let’s start with the highlight of the evening. Or I should say my highlight? In the restaurant of the new and improved Stedelijk Museum you could take a picture with the legendary fashion duo Viktor&Rolf, shot by Philip Riches. If you ask me they are the most adorable, creative, amazing, funny and cool looking duo ever, so I got into the Vogue Cover photo booth and did my thing.

Secondly we went to the Mulberry store to get some much-wanted metallic nails. But again, we were not the only ones. Choices had to be made. So I skipped the nail art because I had to have my picture taken with V&R.

It was so freaking crowded that I think I only saw his finger. Or maybe somebody else’s.

After this there was a little Vogue party –for guests– in the not yet opened Hugo Boss store. When we entered we walked into Lieke van Lexmond singing with a band. And yes, she can sing—shockingly enough. The store looked amazing: old brick walls covered with big fantastic framed photographs. If you ask me, Hugo Boss shouldn’t even try to redo this space and just leave it in ruins.

And there was more! Like taking a quick spin on Jan Taminiau sky-high shoes with Jan himself holding your hand while you walk. Or the silent disco with models dressed in Marga Weimans. Nice idea but the space was as big as my kitchen, so it could only fit one person. And then there was the rumour you could meet Piet Paris, another of my favourite creatives, but it was so freaking crowded that I think I only saw his finger. Or maybe somebody else’s. Who knows.

Selah Sue ended the evening with a small concert. My night was complete. I just have to frame my picture of Viktor, Rolf and me and make it a centrepiece on my wall. Till next year.

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