Switch on your weekend with KriteriOn/Off

Switch on your weekend with KriteriOn/Off

Sep 4, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Oh, how we all love a good festival. Kriterion and Roest have joined forces and decided to mix a bit of film and festival in a delicious dish of playfulness. From the 6th until the 8th of September you can find the result of this blend at KriteriOn/Off film festival. For a sneak peek of the juicy film agenda please check the trailers below!

Reservoir dogs: “Every dog has its day”

This edition of KriteriOn/Off is the first of many to come. The Kriterion family have decided to leave their comfortable nest and expand their boundaries by going off set. The main focus of the late summer festival are the three films that have been carefully selected by Kriterion’s film connoisseurs. Besides the cinematic entertainment there are many more activities to capture your attention. Next to eating and drinking you can dance, swing, customize bags, make snapshots or visit the smallest film theatre in the Netherlands: I Vitelloni. Every night the festival will kick off with young, upcoming bands. One of them is the Rangleklods who played at Roskilde and offer an interesting mixture of techno beats and warm folk vocals. So, for a mingle and mash between music and film KriteriOn/Off sounds look the accurate formula.

I’m a Cyborg, but thats OK!

Of course, we like to overdose our readers in gifts and are giving away two passe-partouts to the person that can tell us why they desperately have to switch on their weekend! Comment your answer below this post on our Facebook page.


When: 6th – 8th of September.
Opening:: Every day at 18:00
Where: Van Gendthallen (Amsterdam Roest), Czaarspeterstraat 213-B
Tickets: Day tickets are 8,50/ Passe-Partout 20,-

ExistenZ: “Makes the Matrix look like child play”

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