Transnatural art and music festival

Transnatural art and music festival

Sep 3, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event, Music
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Transnatural has been one of my favourite art festivals to go to in Amsterdam for the past several years. It’s a festival that combines nature, art and technology, a symbiosis that drives interesting, almost necessary change and new projects. In recent years Transnatural was held at De Verdieping but it has moved a new location: NEMO.

The opening weekend of this monthlong festival will take place on the 7th and 8th of September. This weekend will be co-hosted by Club Transmediale (from Berlin) and the FIBER Festival (from Amsterdam). While the exhibition is filed with 35 international artists. There will also be live music.

Some of the projects I really like:

Equipped with a small computer, microphone and powerful wireless antenna, Transparency Grenade intercepts digital network traffic on site. ‘Personal’ data has never before been so open and readily available. Be it an untrustworthy government official or a citizen in question, whoever stands within close vicinity of the plant shares their personal data and can access that of others in the area.

A project by Cesar Harada, Sebastian Müller, Gabriella Levine and Kasia Molga, 
Protei is an open hardware autonomous self-propelled robot sailing boat able to collect data from oil spills and orchestrate a cleanup operation. This project has become a global technology platform for scientists, engineers, designers and creators.

Jurema Action Plant is an interactive robot that uses the naturally sensitive plant (the Mimosa pudica or touch-me-not) as an interface. Touching the plant leads to a reaction from the machine which then starts to drive. This bio-machine explores new means of communication between man, nature and machine.

Designer Jólan van der Wiel employs the use of magnetism in his design method. With the aid of large magnets fixed to a self-designed machine, he manipulates a mixture of liquid plastic and iron. Van der Wiel presents and experiments with some new methods especially for the show. The audience will also be able to experiment.

There is also room for music and performances:


When: Opening 7th – 8th of September. Festival: September 7th – October 7th
Where: Science Center NEMO (next to Amsterdam Central Station)
Oosterdok 2
Web: Transnatural

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