Treat yourself to some good old Shakespeare by Toneelgroep Amsterdam

Treat yourself to some good old Shakespeare by Toneelgroep Amsterdam

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I love theatre. It feels like a movie being performed live before your eyes. Unfortunately there are a lot of crappy plays in town which makes it a little difficult sometimes to find one that’s actually worth your while. When you go to a play from Toneelgroep Amsterdam however, I can guarantee you’ll see the good stuff. This anniversary season Toneelgroep Amsterdam brings us four Shakespeares that were a great success in the past. Shakespeare isn’t famous for nothing, he has an amazing way with words and I can’t wait to see to see how TGA will bring these words to life.


I went to see Macbeth last week. I think I never saw this much (fake) blood in my entire life. It’s a play about real men, violence, bloodthurst, murder, war, power, manipulating wives and guilty consciences. Director Johan Simons calls it a play to love and to hate, a play of the night. He was inspired by a documentary, called The First Kill, about veterans from Vietnam that can’t function in society anymore because they miss the adrenaline of war and murder. The play starts when Macbeth returns from war.

Het Temmen Van De Feeks

I remember seeing this play when I was in high school. It was the first play that blew me away and I was extremely impressed. Halina Reijn plays the shrew that can and will not be tamed. That is until Petruchio decides he’s going to be the one to tame her. I remember this play being intense and it stayed on my mind for days. I already bought my ticket to go and see it again.


An energetic play about love, hate, and jealousy; a classic Shakespeare. In this translation by Hafid Bouazza the original text is mixed with Arabic poetry, amplifying the character of Othello. The story of Othello is the story of a hero that falls because of xenophobia. This play deals with some controversial themes that are present in our society today as well.

Romeinse Tragedies

This one is for the die-hards only; the play lasts six hours. The audience can move freely between the room, balcony, and stage. There is no set break and little snacks and drinks are available on stage. The name speaks for itself, intriguing Roman tragedies will await you. I really recommend this one.

Shakespearse by Toneelgroep Amsterdam

When: Click here for touring dates
Where: Stadschouwburg Amsterdam
Tickets: Between €25,- and €35,- depending on rank

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