Get a head start on next season's cultural programme at the Uitmarkt

Get a head start on next season’s cultural programme at the Uitmarkt

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Every year the new cultural season starts with the Uitmarkt, where all the new creative concepts are presented to the big crowd. This weekend the Uitmarkt will be held for the 35th time, and it will turn both the Museumplein and Leidseplein into one big happy feast, filled with music, theatre, cabaret, movies, dance and literature.

‘Sniffing up some culture’

With 33 stages filled with 419 different shows I’m not even going to try telling you everywhere to go. I’ll give you my personal highlights, but don’t let this be the only thing leading you. My advice is to just pray for good weather and go wandering around. Get entertained by all the things the Uitmarkt has to offer.

To make it all a bit easier for you to navigate through, the Uitmarkt is arranged in a few themes.

Literature & comedy
Let’s start with the infamous bookmarket, which starts at the Hobbemastraat and will take you to the Literaire Salon, where several writers will read from their work. Are you in for a good laugh? Go to Leidseplein area and check out some comedy at Theater Bellevue, Sugar Factory, Melkweg or Boom Chicago.

For some theatre you should go to ‘de Voorstelling’ at Museumplein or the Leidseplein area. On Saturday Toneelgroep Amsterdam will play some scenes from their repertoire at the Rabozaal. And on Sunday young theatre companies such as Circus Treurdier and De Hollanders will present their upcoming plays at Theater Bellevue and De Balie. Did you know that De Hollanders asked none other than writer Arnon Grunberg to write their first play? Oh, and look out for Fringe Festival‘s pop-up stage too!

The theatres around Leidseplein will also help you out when you can appreciate the art of dance. My recommendation would be the renewed version of Romeo and Juliet by my personal favourite modern dance company Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

For all cinema lovers, the Cineville theaters will entertain you with ten of their best movies at De Balie. Prior to every movie you can show off your movie knowledge during a moviequiz. Also at De Balie, IDFA will give you some previews of their upcoming edition, and EYE Film Instituut Nederland will play ’90s classic Pulp Fiction at De Balie on Saturday 10 p.m.

Music can be found everywhere at the Uitmarkt. Spread over several stages there will be performances by Trijntje Oosterhuis, Alain Clark, Dio, Fresku and Van Dik Hout to name just a few. A tribute will be paid to Nina Simone at ‘de Voorstelling’. And of course Paradiso and Melkweg will also be hosting some musical events. Paradiso will be the stage for ‘The next generation’; the new crop of bands from the Conservatorium Amsterdam will take over the stage for two days at Amsterdam’s music temple.

Last thing I’m gonna share with you is the talkshow WIE IS AAN, hosted by NOWHERE at Museumplein. During a series of workshops and debates young entrepreneurs, organisations and artists such as N8, Poetry Pusher and Haute Cultuur will share their success stories with you.

Like I said, this is only a small preview so check out the website for the entire programme, or go unprepared and be taken by surprise.


When: 24/25/26 of August
Where: Museumplein and Leidseplein area
Price: Free
Website: Website Uitmarkt

Image by Cris Toala Olivares

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