Capture your festival feeling for Foam Lab's 3 Shots

Capture your festival feeling for Foam Lab’s 3 Shots

Aug 16, 2012 |  by  |  Art
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Sabrina (who is old as fuck) has more energy than a Duracell bunny, and uses it to dance in the newest clubs, eat too much junk food, play all the videogames, examine apps and shop - even though she has more than enough clothes. Sorry Earth.

Even though the sun is now shining more bright than ever before this summer, the festival season is slowly coming to an end. Just Lowlands and De Parade remain to satisfy our festival sweet-tooth. But, there is always next year to look forward too. And don’t you want to visit Lowlands for free?

Foam Lab is giving out great prizes, and you just have to do one thing. Well, three things. You have to make three shots of your your hidden treasures at Lowlands using your phone. For inspiration check out their Facebook! Now it might sound easy, but seeing as they asked me to make a series too, I can tell you now: it’s not as easy as you think. There are way too many moments that I’ve missed, but maybe that’s part of the charm. I do however have a great tip for iPhone users: download the most expensive ‘CP Pro’ app. I think it costs around two euros but you will be pleased. You can make the picture sharper, brighter, and more vivid. Definitely an app worth having, especially during the festival season.

Here are my 3 Shots.

Mail your pictures to The contest officially opened today and is open until the 26th of August. You can win either the jury or public prize and who knows, maybe next year you won’t have to break your keyboard trying to get a ticket for Lowlands!

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