Next Monday's Hangover: Reckless, BackxBack & Natives

Next Monday’s Hangover: Reckless, BackxBack & Natives

Aug 8, 2012 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Ridz, advertises, produces indie/electronic music, performs throughout the Netherlands but ultimately always ends up at an Amsterdam based ensemble... then he blogs about all these things.

Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow down your options by suggesting some events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. Here’s where you weekend warriors should go to for next Monday’s hangover.

Friday: Reckless: Confessing EP Release Party @ Paradiso

Our good friends of the illustrious DJ duo Homework are throwing another celebration party. After their previous release on Exploited, they now have their Confessing EP ready to hit the charts. For this occasion they invited none other than Crosstown Rebels’ and 2020Vision ‘label-mates’ Subb-an to get it on at our house temple called Paradiso. Support comes from loyal buddies Beesmunt Soundsystem. Tickets are only 10 euros people, go support!

Friday: Backxback @Studio 80

Backxback, a simple but strong concept. Bring a talent and a legend together on a stage for long hours of contemporary and classic house music. Last time brought John Wolf together with Gregor Tresher, this Friday Lilith will get to play back to back with house master Dennis Ferrer, how cool is that? Support comes from Aron Friedman b2b Sven Prinsen.

Friday: Natives invites: William Kouam Djoko & Tom Ruijg @ Chicago Social Club

Finally, Natives is probably your best bet if you want to enjoy the best of Amsterdam’s local house sounds. Thus the word natives, I assume. This time around the upper natives invited none other than William Kouam Djoko & Tom Ruijg to do a unique 3 hour set together. Word around town even goes they’ll playing the best of their disco, house, groove and funk collection. Sounds like a safe bet to me. Support comes from Martin Bell & Mike Melchiot, Daan de Greef, Mulla & Mailman, Hellie Berry and Berend Kirch. Once again, support your local scene!

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