Gipsy town De Parade is back in Amsterdam

Gipsy town De Parade is back in Amsterdam

Aug 8, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event, Food, Music
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Hi, I'm Sharron (26). Characterized as curious, easily bored and afraid to miss out. So always looking for a new adventure.

I’d like to call it the circus for grown ups. Every year, De Parade returns to Amsterdam after being in Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht. It causes me trouble falling asleep, butterflies in my stomach and checking the weather forecast four times a day… Walk around in the beautiful scenery of a gipsy village, watch theatre and people, shake your ass at the silent disco, drink sangria, bake your own ‘poffertjes’, giggling while you’re on the carousel. I know, sounds like fun right!

de parade

You hear the people gathering and laughing while you feel the wind blowing in your hair.

Once you’re at De Parade all your senses will be stimulated constantly. You hear the people gathering and laughing while you feel the wind blowing in your hair, as you walk around and see all the beautiful lights of the Chinese lanterns twinkle in your view. You sip away the water in your mouth with some red wine, as it starts to flow when you smell the fresh baked pizza.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…

Alongside all the nice food and wine, you’re absolutely not allowed to miss out a few performances this year.

In bed met Rick en Maaike; a show about a couple who are about to kill each other. During a few discussions the audience is being asked to create their opinion and come forward with a solution. It has never been more tolerated to interfere with someone else’s relationship. Imagine your neighbours and you will have the best night of your life!

De Levende Jukebox; if you haven’t seen them in previous years at De Parade, you have to see them now. If you did, you’re already hooked anyway. A real musical enjoyment.

Figaro Figaro Figaro; opera with a twist, that’s the best way to describe this show.

Mannen van de Tango; tango to me is watching a fairytale of sex. So you can choose between watch and adore or fall in love with it.

Ten Damme & Ratze on the Rocks; Ellen ten Damme, the show piece of De Parade is presenting you a rock ‘n’ roll-ish glamour show with a piece of her golden voice.

Ow and hey! Don’t forget to drop your wish at Café Ik. Arthur Mulder is sending them up to the weather gods by letting a balloon up in the air.

De Parade

When: August 10th – 26th
Where: Martin Luther King Park (near Amstel Station)
Entrance: €7 (Free before 16:00)
Opening hours: Mon/Tue/Thu 15:00 – 01:00, Wed/Sun 14:00 – 01:00, Fri 15:00 – 02:00, Sat 14:00 – 02:00
Website: De Parade

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