Handmade creations at The New Label Project

Handmade creations at The New Label Project

Jul 31, 2012 |  by  |  Fashion, Spots
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When Italian designer Giulia Elena Bessone opened The New Label Project in December last year, she had a clear goal. She wanted to create a community of designers from all parts of the world and offer unique handmade products. Following her heart, Giulia moved to Amsterdam four years ago to join Christian, her Italian boyfriend and business partner. While living in Amsterdam she realized that this was the perfect place to open a shop where all sorts of different designers could display their work.

With so many big brands and competition, it’s difficult for new designers to find a place where people can see their product.

Giulia is slightly against online shopping, “you can’t feel the quality of the product through the computer.” A lot of things are promoted as handmade, when they really aren’t. “We are losing the quality of what we buy,” she said, “the idea is to offer really good quality and something unique.” While walking around this shop that displays over 50 designers, I was amazed at the variety of styles but also at the fact that no piece from a designer was exactly the same to another piece. Every ring, necklace, skirt, bag, had a unique detail. Some pieces might be similar, but never the same. It’s almost like everything’s custom made.

A designer herself and having studied fashion and textile in the UK, she understands how tough the industry can be. “With so many big brands and competition, it’s difficult for designers to find a place where people can see their product.” This shop allows upcoming designers to find loyal customers and promote themselves.

Before opening the New Label Project, Giulia did a lot of research. She carefully selected designers that were creating handmade pieces and were true to themselves and the art behind fashion. On display you can find beautiful creations that come from Italy, Belgium, Canada, U.S., Finland, Greece, Spain and of course Holland. Designers ship their creations often; Giulia has something new in her shop every day.

I fell in love with so many things at the shop, p.s.besitos from Spain for instance has the cutest rings shaped like teacups with a tiny spoon and all! I was also fascinated by these ceramic made jewels by Kesemy design. One of my favourites was By Pipit that offers beautiful leather bracelets, long necklaces, decorated with feathers, studs and stars. All the products in the shop are incredibly affordable. There are so many designers for you to discover!

The New Label Project
Where: Rozengracht 75
Website: www.thenewlabelproject.com
Facebook: TheNewLabelProject

If you are a designer and are looking for a place to display your work, contact Giulia at thenewlabelproject@gmail.com.

Photos by Andrea Huls

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