Join the nocturnal voyage to the Magneet Festival grounds

Join the nocturnal voyage to the Magneet Festival grounds

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At midnight Sunday July 29th, the key of the Magneet festival grounds will be handed over to the hosts of Magneet Festival, which means the transition into a physical festival can begin by onsite building. The festival itself opens on Friday August 24th, with four weekends filled with performances of bands, dj’s, art, theatre and children’s activities planned.

Opening Magneet Terrein

Next Sunday, Amsterdam Roest is the gathering place prior to the festive opening. With a barbecue and acoustic performances prepping the vibe from 4pm onwards. At 11pm, a nocturnal voyage will hit the streets and all will participants walk, run, cycle, drive or cruise to the festival grounds. A representative of Stadsdeel Oost is invited to hand over the key of the sand depot on Oostpunt, IJdijk 10, Magneet Festival’s home untill the end of the festival on Sunday September 16th.

After the gates have opened, a quick party will be launched. Within minutes, the dark sandy field are turned into a party location with a bar, bonfire and singer/songwriters. As Sunday turns into Monday, you will pity your friends who missed out for a good night of sleep on a school night, as there is nothing nicer than to sit at a bonfire while watching the stars.

Magneet Festival

Magneet Festival is a festive for progressive souls. Not only is it possible to pass time as a visitor, but everyone is free to participate. While other festivals hibernate, its online platform is a gathering place for anyone who wants to perform, sing, dance, act, make art or bake pancakes for that matter. Every idea worth its while and with a fair amount of votes gained on the site, finds its way into the line up. Magneet Festival is the place where creativity and crowdsourcing come together, making it a place with real cultural freedom.

Het grote Magneet Festival terrein opening

When: Sunday July 29th 2012, from 4pm
Where: Amsterdam Roest, Czaar Peterstraat 23
Tickets: free

Pictures by Tom van der Leij – opening Magneetterrein 2011

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